The new course of the Mu game

Online gaming and game servers is super exciting as it was for the makers to put in interesting turns and twists to this fun game. People will get hooked to the game. It one of the most played online games with a lot of devoted fans. The next version is all set out to reach out to players who have long waited to get their hands on playing the better MU. This game is not a very difficult game to master yet it is interesting and allows to you to have fun as you play along. Get to play your favourite MU with

How it is played?

The players can choose their characters before the start of the play and get the possession of the magic gladiator and dark lord as the game carries on. There is an option for the player to purchase character cards as they want and get hold of the remaining three characters that are up for grabs. The other characters purchased are

  • Summoner
  • Rage fighter
  • Grow lancer

The above classes have their own powers and items to go with. as you go on from level to level getting over each conquest, these characters will convert into stronger classes, this equips them to have better range or skill sets such newer spells, weaponry and perhaps wings to the desired character at hand. As they progress the characters also become stronger as well as the mastery on the various talents that they possess.

Superb Gaming Choices and Options for Players

This game allows for the use various kinds of magic and unique abilities. Each character will have their own individual potent power to use as they move on. The weapons too can special powers and they can be used to act upon a certain spell as they weapons could have an enchanting quality in them to let this happen for the character. When you use up a spell you or the player may end up losing a magic point or lose stamina during the game. There is an option in this game that many players can form groups and play against others or plays individually as opponents when you want play so choose

Global MU Online gaming servers offer new features

The new options that the MU servers provide are resets and grand resets. The players are looking forward to the new features that have been incorporated and have been sorted out such as the fixed

  • Formulae for PoisonArrow
  • Selection of items
  • The reflect value which does not show on the C window
  • Issue with the negative Rudd.
  • Dark raven visual bug
  • Issue with combo skill after using the Potion of Soul.
  • Seed of earth to increase the vitality.
  • Chaos combination failure

Hence the above issues have been ironed out in the new version.