The right kind of stuff for your home business

Starting a home business is not a cakewalk; it requires a lot of money and thinking on the part of the owner. Setting up an office at home, means practically setting up a physical office at home. Overspending on office furniture and all the essential stuff is not the point; one has to act smartly by making smart choices and spending money wisely. Putting yourself in debt is of no point, so act wisely by just putting in what is really required to run the office. Continue reading →

Finding a suitable green influencer for your business

Influencer marketing is one of the effective and hottest ways to get your brand in front of the massive targeted audience. This kind of the marketing allows brands to connect with their clients in organic way rather than traditional forms of the digital advertising. Green influencers are using social media in order to promote sustainable lifestyle and it could be leveraged to promote brands with same aim. Online is fully filled with top green influencers such as

  • Vegie head
  • Green global travel
  • Elena’s Pantry
  • Chicanol
  • Sustainably Chic
  • Hello Glow

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